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Faculty Openings: BK21 Mathematical Sciences Division

May 18, 2007

BK21 Contract Professors

The BK21 Mathematical Sciences Division of Seoul National University has a few standing openings for the contract professor position in all areas of mathematics.

I. Area

   Institute: (BK21) Mathematical Sciences Division, Seoul National University

   Area:   All fields of Mathematics

   Number of openings:  A few


II. Qualifications

      All applicants must have a Ph. D. degree with one year or more of postdoctoral experience, and meet all the requirements of the Seoul National University hiring policy.


III. Contract Period

      2 years contract


IV. Application Materials

 A.  Two copies of application form including a list of publications

      (Use of English application form provided by the university is only.)

 B. Research Achievement (pertaining to the applicant's research) to be submitted for review

   1) Research Achievements in the past three years (i.e., journal articles)......…6 copies each(1 original)

       During the review process, the members of the review committee will examine in detail submitted materials that meet the following criteria:

        a. Submitted research achievements must have been published within the past three years from the date of the application deadline. Items that have been accepted for publication must accompany a proof of acceptance (including the title and the expected publication date) and must be published before September 31, 2007.

        b. The research achievements to be considered for detailed review include published complete books (not including individual chapters in a book), textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, etc.  Research achievements published in the conference proceedings will be considered if and only if they are published in regular periodic journals and specified by the applicant as such.

        c. Each submitted material will be given a objective point value based on the following and must range between 200 to 400 points:  Research achievements published with a single author will receive 100 points, those with two authors will receive 70 points, three authors 50 points, four authors or more 30 points but 70 points if the applicant is the first author or the corresponding author.


                 * If the applicant's doctorate dissertation meets the time criteria, then it can be submitted (100 points) but again the inclusion of the dissertation must meet the maximum point criteria and if any part had been published in the journal, it will not be considered twice.

   2) Other Research Achievements..........1 copy each

      These include publications in journals, complete books, textbooks, etc... NOT included in the above section (5B1)

C. Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts and Diplomas........2 copies each

* If not in Korean or English, attach translation to submitted copies

 D. Certificates of Employment…...2 copies each

* If not in Korean or English, attach translation to submitted copies

 E. Personal Essay (please include major achievements and awards received).....2 copies

 F. Statement of Research and Education/Teaching Objectives…..2 copies

(Please include specific courses suitable for the applicant and novel courses that the applicant wishes to add to the curriculum.)

 G. Letters of Recommendation (from at least two members in the same discipline)….1 copy each


V. Responsibilities and Benefits of BK21 Contract Professors

      a. Contract professors are expected to conduct research as required by the university and may teach.

      b. Contract professors cannot hold university administrative positions and does not have a vote at faculty meeting.

       c. Salary will commensurate with qualifications and experience.


VI. Deadline

      June 18, 2007, arrived only


VII. Where to Submit

      BK21 Mathematical Sciences Division,  Department of Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul, 151-747, Korea  

       (Recommendation letters may be mailed to Professor Woo Young Lee (or e-mailed to, School of Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University,  Seoul, 151-747, Korea)


VIII. Expected Date of Appointment

      From September, 2007


IX. Notification

      Each candidate will be evaluated according to the university recruitment guidelines and notified individually.


X. Miscellaneous

      a. When unspecified, general personnel guidelines of the university will be followed.

      b. Contract professors will follow other rules for university employees.

      c. Original documents should be submitted. When copies are submitted, reference to the original may be required right after the notification of selection.

      d. Only mails received by the deadline will be accepted. Return address and the area  of  application should be indicated on the envelope.

      e. Application materials will not be returned.

      f. Application to more than one area is not allowed.

      g. Appointment can be cancelled if major flaws are found in the application materials.

      h. Further questions:

            Administrative Office

            Tel: 82-2-880-5740 (, email:

            Fax: 82-2-887-4694(Attn: Yun Ji Yeon)  


May 17, 2007

BK21 Mathematical Sciences Division

Seoul National University