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Find your Mentor -Campus Mentoring Program

Mar 15, 2007

Apply for Campus Mentoring Program!

The Campus Mentoring Program sponsored by the Center for Campus Life and Culture, Office of Student Affairs is a program that promotes first-year students’ effective learning and successful campus life.

In the Campus Mentoring Program, first-year students are provided an opportunity to work closely with senior student mentors for making their campus life more successful.

The center of the experience in the Campus Mentoring Program is the friendship students establish with their mentors. Over the course of the first school year, students spend time with their mentors in a variety of ways eating together, talking, just hanging out or discussing ideas and concepts they learn in classes. Furthermore, the program also offers a series of workshops every term.

Freshmen can apply for this program any weekday on March.

To apply, please fill out the attached application form and email it to

or you can just visit Room 407, Building 63 (Student Hall) and find Hana Kim.

The website of Center for Campus Life and Culture :

Contact : 880-7924 (Staff Kim Hana)