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[Gwanaksa Dorm.]Submit the required documents

Jan 30, 2007

Congratulations for those who are admitted to reside in Gwanaksa in 2007.

Please make sure to complete all the following procedures in order to check in to Gwanaksa properly.  


1. Required Documents Submission

   A. Period: 10:00 ∼ 16:30, Jan. 29th (Mon.) ~ Feb. 2nd (Fri.), 2007

   B. Place: Administration Office (on the 3rd floor of Bldg. #900), Gwanaksa

   C. Documents (All the documents should be issued within 3 months from Jan. 29, 2007)


  1) Undergraduate & Graduate Students (New and returning students)

      ① A photocopy of your passport

      ② A copy of medical certificate

         i) It should be issued by a public health center, polyclinic, or hospital for internal disease

          ii) or, free group medical examination from SNU public health center

              (only available from Dec 6 to Dec 12, 2006)

      ※ in case of no. ii), you do not have to submit a copy of medical certificate, as the results will be automatically notified to Gwanaksa.

       - Chest X-ray and other basic examinations should be included.

       - Only those without health problem can reside in the dorm.

       - A certificate without an official seal of the hospital is not valid.


    2) Graduate Research Students

      ① A photocopy of your passport

      ② A copy of medical certificate

         ? the same standards as the undergraduate and graduate students are applied.

      ③ A copy of certificate of coursework completion

      ④ A copy of written confirmation of supervising professor (Please use the attached form.)


※Matters to be attended to

-  Document can be submitted by an acquaintance, but NOT by mail, door-to-door delivery service, or fax.

-  The examination for the document will be held on the spot, and only the accepted one can check in to Gwanaksa.

-  You will be asked to move out if you are found not to register for the semester, or to take a leave of absence, or to get expelled from the university, etc.


2. Housing Fee Payment

  A. Those who are accepted after the examination of the required documents

  B. Period: 10:00 ∼ 16:30 (local time), Jan. 29 (Mon.) ~ Feb. 2 (Fri.), 2007  

  C. Place: Any branch office of Shinhan Bank

  ※ Payment through banks other than the above might charge transfer fee. Payment through ATM or on-line banking is also available.

  ※ A temporary branch office of Shinhan Bank is available for fee payment on the 3rd floor of Bldg. #900 (10:00-16:00 during the payment period.)  ※ ATM, on-line banking, phone banking is available until 17:00 during the payment period.

  D. Payment Bill Print-Out

      Payment Bills are not posted by mail. Instead, you are able to print them out through Gwanaksa homepage or SNU portal website from Jan. 29, 2007. If you have any problem, please contact the Administration Office of Gwanaksa.

  ※ How to print out the payment bills  - Print out the payment bills in Dorm Application System on Gwanaksa homepage ( or Seoul National University Portal website (


3. Matters to be attended to (Please make sure that you are fully aware of the following.)

    A. Entrance notice and payment bill will not be delivered by post (They are available only through the website and yourself should check them) .

    B. There won’t be additional enrollment chances after the deadline.  Please, therefore, make the payment within the above period. Failure to enroll within this period entails forfeiture of all rights to reside in the dorm.

   C. In case of any false statement in the application documents (including identity, GPA, address, etc.), your right to stay in Gwanaksa will be withdrawn and you will be asked to move out

   D. In case of leave of absence, completion of coursework, and graduation (except research students), residents are required to move out of the dorm immediately. Otherwise they will be forced to move out.

   E. Please refer to the homepage for guideline in living in Gwanaksa and other information.

   F. Residents may stay until February of 2008, but might be asked to move to another building or move out during the vacation according to the circumstances of Gwanaksa.

    ※ If you are to stay for the 2nd semester, you should register (pay the housing fee) during the designated period.

    ※ You might be asked to move out after the 1st semester, if you are assigned in reconstruction planned buildings (Building #911-916).     

G. Assigned building and room number will be printed on your payment bill.

H. Expected Date of Move-in: Feb. 28th (Tue.) ~ Mar. 1st (Wed.), 2007

I. You can check from the website whether the payment and document submission were duly made.


▣ For more information, please contact the Admin. Office (Tel: 880-5404).


                                    January 5, 2007    

                        Gwanaksa, Seoul National University