2019 Special Exhibition in Commemoration of the Founding of Kyujanggak

Nov 01, 2019 - Jan 18, 2020

Jeongjo as King and as Man:
The Life and Ideals of Jeongjo in His Writings

Time : November 1, 2019(Friday) ~ January 18, 2020(Saturday)
Venue : Exhibition Room in Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies(B1)

The Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies houses a great number of works compiled by King Jeongjo himself as well as those under his command. Through his collected works, this special exhibition is designed to shed light on the private side of King Jeongjo and his achievements as a sovereign with brilliant scholarship.

As a successor to the throne, King Jeongjo went through unprecedented family loss. After becoming the crown prince, he overcame various political challenges while devoting himself to study before ascending to the throne. Inheriting his grandfather, King Yeongjo’s legacy of the role of king as a leader in both politics and scholarship, Jeongjo strove to embody impartiality in politics and is now remembered as the ruler who led the new renaissance of 18th-century Joseon.

During his reign, considerable achievements were produced by the brilliant scholars of Kyujanggak. When establishing the royal archive and research center, Jeongjo made clear his intention that Kyujanggak should serve as a forum where he would discuss Confucian scriptures and history with resident scholars and also look into the plight of the common people. In fact, many documents on the lives of commoners were produced and translated into the Korean vernacular and distributed widely throughout local provinces during his reign. This exhibition will provide a window into the life of King Jeongjo, a ruler who wished to be like the moon illuminating countless streams.