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Learning Support

Learning Support

Learning Support Program 'Learn How to Learn'

This program teaches undergraduate freshmen necessary academic studying skills and methods for college before they begin their first semester of classes. During the semester, this program is open to all undergraduate students.

Student Participation Research Program

This program provides opportunities for undergraduate students to undertake creative research on a specific area with the guidance of a professor in that field. Through this program, undergraduate students participate in standard research processes and have the chance to become familiar with the faculty as well as investigate their areas of interest.

Graduate Student Workshop on 'How to Write English Dissertations'

This program assists graduate students in the science and engineering departments in improving their skills for writing dissertations in English. The main topics dealt with during this workshop are as follows: Writing English Abstracts, The Structure of Academic Dissertations, Methods to Write Clear and Specific Sentences, Making References, and Essential Pointers On Contributing Papers to Foreign Journals.

Presentation Workshop on Improving Expression Skills

This program aids students in the improvement of their presentation skills. At the workshop, presentation skills suitable for different circumstances are taught, techniques to ensure logical development for more effective presentations and organization of data material.

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e-Learning Support

The e-Teaching and Learning service(abbreviated e-TL) is an online support system created for cooperative online work for courses given at SNU. e-TL includes an 'Online Classroom' application, where you can directly communicate with the instructor and other classmates, asking questions, posting assignments or other information, sometimes even having a realtime chat with group members. Notices and assignment information may be posted by the lecturer, which you will be told to check. Note that although e-TL classrooms are automatically generated for each course, some lecturers may choose not to use this online classroom at all. On the other hand, other lecturers may look for active online participation. If you would like to learn more about the service, an e-Learning guidebook is also offered on the site.

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Academic Writing Lab

Tutoring for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students often confront difficulties while tackling various writing assignments and want to get feedback on what problems their drafts may have before submitting their completed assignment. This tutoring program is designed to assist undergraduates throughout the writing process, with available tutoring staff who offer comments on students’ drafts and discuss ways to make their writing more effective.


Thesis Writing for Graduate Students

This workshop for graduate students with majors in the humanities and social sciences and who are in the process of working on their theses, consists of lectures and exercises. The program includes instruction on brainstorming, forming a thesis, organization, argumentation, paraphrasing, citation and grammar.

Thesis Writing for International Students

This workshop consists primarily of lectures on methods of mastering Korean vocabulary and grammar, as well as on methods of writing a thesis.

AWL Prize

The AWL awards a prize for students' outstanding essays every semester. The prize is intended to encourage students to write with greater care and concern and thereby produce better essays. The AWL posts a notice about the writing competition at the end of each semester(January 15 and July 15). All submitted essays are examined by a review committee, and three or four excellent essays are selected. All winning essays are posted on the AWL homepage.

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