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A Community of Knowledge
that Leads the Future

Fostering of

an Innovative
of Knowledge

Social Values

a Foundation
for Sustainable

Fostering of Global
Convergence Talent

An autonomous, convergence education system with an aim of strengthening creativity and character

Fosters practical and cooperative skills by providing various opportunities for academic exploration through the implementation of a convergence, ‘L-shaped’ education system that lowers the walls between different majors and invites in-depth interdisciplinary discussions on life’s important topics. Enables students to explore various perspectives through student-directed education programs and interdisciplinary courses such as ‘Interdisciplinary Approaches’.

‘Reading Seminar’ course for character development

Through close-readings of world classics, ‘Reading Seminar’ enables students to reflect on various values in life and become beneficial members of the community.

an Innovative Ecosystem
of Knowledge

Fostering digital innovators equipped with domain knowledge and data science skills,
‘Data Science Graduate School’

Following the global academic trend toward providing data-based education, the ‘Data Science Graduate School’ offers a new educational model by developing a standardized curriculum. ‘Data Science Graduate School’ aims to be a hub of interdisciplinary research that preemptively responds to global issues.

Supporting various future-oriented research, 10-10 Project

SNU actively supports future-oriented academic fields so that they are equipped with leading research capabilities and become ‘Top 10’ world-leading programs. The 10-10 Project will greatly enhance SNU’s research capabilities and strengthen SNU’s image as a research-oriented university that creates value for the whole world.

Social Values

Strengthening the university’s image as beneficial contributor to society
through a ‘virtuous circle’ of sharing and various social service activities

Fosters talent that participates in various social service activities and embodies the principle of sharing. Students can explore various social service activities through participating in an educational curriculum that is deeply tied to social welfare. Students learn the values of volunteerism, global citizenship and human rights and grow to become a sha-num(sha [Seoul National University] + num [sharing]) talent, having a cool head and a warm heart.

Various knowledge sharing programs

SNU develops and provides online courses(K-MOOC, SNUon, edX) to meet the intellectual needs of the general public. SNU opens its cultural programs to the community and spreads the value of sharing.

Establishing a Foundation
for Sustainable
University Development

Building a future-oriented smart multi-campus

A global R&D campus to lead the fourth industrial revolution and support innovative growth engines. Building an eco-friendly smart campus that responds to future changes in education environment and saves energy through ICT.

Establishing a system for university innovation

Establishment of a University Innovation Center to systematically and comprehensively promote university innovation. University Innovation Center will act as a think-tank that will pioneer the national higher education of the future by sponsoring mid- to long-term research projects employing extensive data analysis.